2022 Teaching & Learning Institute
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Welcome to the site for the 2022 Teaching & Learning Institute!  We are excited to welcome you back to a full 2 days of learning.  Please feel free to make an account with Sched or download the mobile app and start building your schedule.  If you have questions, please feel free to email Dr. Brenner at brennerm@branson.k12.mo.us.  We look forward to hosting this awesome event for you!  See you soon!!

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Thursday, August 18

7:15am CDT

8:00am CDT

Interventionist Canvas Requirements Room 232LIMITEDMichellle Brown BE 1st Grade Canvas Requirements Room 209LIMITEDMackenzie Burtless BE 2nd Grade Canvas Requirements Room 210LIMITEDRachel Boyd BE 3rd Grade Canvas Requirements Room 215LIMITEDAbbey Shrope BE Kindergarten Canvas Requirements Room 206LIMITEDOlivia Gonzalez BE Specials Canvas Requirements Room 502LIMITEDSarah Kirk CRE 1st Grade Canvas Requirements Room 211LIMITEDJacki Lee CRE 2nd Grade Canvas Requirements Room 212LIMITEDNancy Brashers CRE 3rd Grade Canvas Requirements Room 213LIMITEDWendy Harris CRE Specials, Interventionists, Counselors Canvas Requirements Room 501LIMITEDKendra Helsel CRP Kindergarten Canvas Requirements Room 208LIMITEDChris Bailey SPED Grade PK-6th Canvas Requirements Room 240FULLBreken Leonard • Molly Scott BI 4th Grade Canvas Requirements Room 214LIMITEDTabatha Clark BI 5th Grade Canvas Requirements Room 217LIMITEDChandy Dees BI 6th Grade Canvas Requirements Room 223LIMITEDMelody Alms CRI 4th Grade Canvas Requirements Room 216LIMITEDAmy Vejraska CRI 5th Grade Canvas Requirements Room 219LIMITEDStephanie Butler CRI 6th Grade Canvas Requirements Room 221LIMITEDNick Crabtree CRI/BI Specials Canvas Requirements Room 242LIMITEDKellsey Bradley • Tara Melton HS Canvas Requirements Room 207FULLGary Neal HS Canvas Requirements Room 503FULLDavid Brenner • Jeff Howard HS Canvas Requirements Room 204FILLINGApril Fiesler Avery JH Canvas Requirements Room 205FILLINGJana Linehan JH Canvas Requirements Room 201FILLINGTim Long • Wes Paul SPED Grade 7-12 Canvas Requirements Room 244FULLJulia Jewula

10:00am CDT

Can you 👂(hear) and 👀 (see) that? Room 205LIMITEDGinger Dewey Change your Mindset to Transform Your Teaching Room 201LIMITEDStephanie Reynolds Differentiation in Canvas with Mastery Paths Room 213LIMITEDTracie Gones Dyslexia Supports for Students Room 214LIMITEDSamantha Henderson • DeAnna Sheets Engage Students with Lumio Room 217FILLINGRachel Boyd • Lynn Miller • Mckenzi Pennetta Gimkit Overview Room 219LIMITEDJahalah Myers • Stone Phelps Identifying Mental Illness Room 232LIMITEDSeiner Librarian Roundtable Library Work RoomLIMITEDLeslie Laws Making Canvas 'totally modular, dude!' Room 211LIMITEDKris Hollis Making the Most of the SLP Collaboration Week Room 209LIMITEDMelissa Bacon Music Curriculum Alignment Room 409LIMITEDDaniel Jarrett NWEA 101 - Use reports to drive instruction Room 223LIMITEDKristen Large Proactive Strategies to Support Dysregulated Students Room 207FULLSunnie Miller The Family is Growing - Welcoming Newcomers Room 502LIMITEDRhonda Hittenberger Ortiz Trauma 101 Room 215LIMITEDCristin Martinez Understanding the IEP Room 212LIMITEDKim Gillman Teaching the Elementary Gifted Cluster Learner Room 501LIMITEDPaula Bronn Managing Behaviors in the Classroom Room 206FULLJulia Jewula Keep Your Composure Room 204LIMITEDHeather Sullins Para Prep 101 Room 208LIMITEDMissy Kelley Pre-K Mad Science Make and Take Room 210LIMITEDMorgan Hooker • Misty Moore Engaging Our Youngest EL's Room 221LIMITEDDana Corbin Maple & Fabiola Lichty Skills Groups - Standards Based Teaching & Learning Room 242FILLINGJamie Myers • Stephanie Nalley Fine Motor Skills & Prewriting Room 246LIMITEDDarla Denny Keeping the Balance Between Branson Practices and Science of Reading Room 240FULLInstructional Coaches Secondary SIS 360 Room 503FULLApril Fiesler Avery

11:00am CDT

Conscious Discipline In and Beyond the Classroom Room 204LIMITEDJennifer Engel SpedTrack Basics Room 214LIMITEDSamantha Henderson 504? IEP? What does it all mean? Room 503LIMITEDKristen Arnette • Kim Gillman Building a Classroom Culture & Climate Conducive for Learning Room 232LIMITEDDeAnna Sheets Differentiate Your Math Workshop with Canvas Mastery Paths and enVision Room 213LIMITEDTracie Gones Get to Know Your Social Work Office Room 209LIMITEDSherri Paydon Reaching and Teaching SLIFE students Room 502LIMITEDRhonda Hittenberger Ortiz S.T.O.P. Collaborate, and Listen: De-Escalation Inside and Out Room 207LIMITEDSunnie Miller Teacher Wellness Strategies Room 215FILLINGCristin Martinez The Magic of Edpuzzle Room 205LIMITEDApril Mulnik Understanding Neuroscience's Impact in Today's Classroom Room 206FULLAlexis Leonhart Guided Reading and Lit Group Strategies and Tools Room 201FULLNancy Brashers • Wendy Farris • Tori Poor Elementary SIS 360 Room 244LIMITEDJamie Myers Flocabulary for Grades 1-6 Room 219LIMITEDLindsey Brown Synthesizing Student Responses with Layered Thinking Room 242LIMITEDStephanie Nalley Building Transfer Between Intervention & the Classroom and Vice Versa Room 501FILLINGJanelle Carter Accommodations and Modifications for Secondary English Learners Room 221LIMITEDAniko Harrier • Denise Meyer • Kourtney Satterfield Music Teacher Round Table Room 409LIMITEDK-6 Music Team Functions of Behavior and Interventions for the Primary Classroom Room 210LIMITEDKristin Brown • ECSE Team - Tara Connors • Kristina Fraizer • Yulianna Schafer • Molly Scott PreK Playground Room 208LIMITEDMissy Kelley Fricatives and Phonics- What in the World? Room 240LIMITEDMichelle Brown • Carri Rosebrough • Amber Barbee • Daralyn Scroggins WeVideo Room 223LIMITEDKellsey Bradley Handwriting Development Tips and Tricks Room 246LIMITEDDarla Denny K-2 Tech Tools Room 217LIMITEDRachel Boyd • Kelsey Jackson Co-Teaching 101 Room 216FILLINGFelisa Lampe • Jessica Willard Building Relationships for New(ish) Teachers Room 211LIMITEDHannah Banderman Reporting Assessment Scales for 504/SPED Eligibility: What You Need To Know About GARS, BASC, BURKS, Vineland Room 212LIMITEDLydia Snavely

11:45am CDT

1:15pm CDT

Best Practices for Blended Learning along with Free Canvas Tools Room 204LIMITEDJana Linehan Brain-based Strategies for Student Success Room 207LIMITEDSunnie Miller All Things RTI, PST, and Referral for SPED/504 Room 214LIMITEDSamantha Henderson Beginning Bits: A Social/Emotional start that helps open the mind for learning Room 232LIMITEDKris Hollis Boosting Vocabulary for English Learners Room 502LIMITEDRhonda Hittenberger Ortiz Canvas Playground Room 217FULLBrandon Shields Conscious Discipline In and Beyond the Classroom Room 206LIMITEDJennifer Engel Crosslisting in Canvas Room 219LIMITEDKendra Helsel Every Pirate Is A Storyteller: Communications Best Practices Room 209FILLINGTori Zeligman How Much "SMORE" Can You Do? Room 242LIMITEDJames Larimore Intro to Autism Room 216LIMITEDFelisa Lampe PDC Process: How do I get Started? Room 503LIMITEDNancy Brashers • Leslie Laws Trauma Informed-Discipline Room 215LIMITEDCristin Martinez Understanding School-Based Mental Health Services Room 244LIMITEDEmily Seiner Blooket Room 205LIMITEDJennifer Webber Think Big with Think Alouds Room 240LIMITEDStephanie Nalley Creative Tools for Building Background Knowledge with BrainPOP! Room 213LIMITEDTracie Gones Reader’s Notebooks Standards Based Teaching and the Literacy Model Integration Room 221LIMITEDJamie Myers Teaching the Intermediate Gifted Cluster Learner(4-6 only) Room 501LIMITEDPaula Bronn Ukulele Play Along Room 409FULLCourtney Miller Embedding Cool Stuff on Canvas Pages Room 211FULLTim Long Creating a Strong Classroom Community Students are Engaged In Room 210LIMITEDChris Bailey Engaging Early Learners Room 223LIMITEDKrystal Isringhausen Self Care in Action Room 201FILLINGTamara Wilfong Sensory Break Ideas for the Classroom Room 246LIMITEDDarla Denny Getting Organized with SBTL 9th CommonsFULLJessica Hughes • Carri Rosebrough • Daralyn Scroggins • Amber Barbee • Tonya Shadden • Jennifer Franks • Anna Vermillian • Jahala Myers Tips for Writing A Review of Existing Data (RED) Room 212FILLINGKelly Jenkins

2:15pm CDT

3:15pm CDT